The Chamber has been, always, keen to obtain interactive developed channels that enable tightening bonds of trust with the public, who deal with the Chamber, insomuch as, to foster transparency and effective communication for promoting the standard of services, bridging the viewpoints gab and enhancing trust with the taxpayers. That will be done by perusing the Chamber’s strategies and plans, which support the total economy of the state. What is already said is the spring board from which the Chamber has launched its new website, equipped with modern technologies and developed communication tools for realizing that orientation, and emphasizing the approach of encouraging communication and interaction with the stakeholders. No doubt, that specific step contributes in supporting the attitude of the state for transformation towards the e-government, for streamlining the procedures, and spreading the tax education among the citizens and the taxpayers, in such a ways as, to suppo ort in achieving the state’s strategic vision, and strategy of the Ministry of Finance that aims at building a competitive economy based on knowledge. The Chamber works with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning on evolving the tax policy and tax legislation in line with the best international standards, which assist in developing the economic sectors and enabling the human capacities for accessing to knowledge and capital through attracting foreign investments, upgrading the national exports, supporting the proper business practice and combating harmful business practices. The Chamber works with the Ministry of Finance under patronage of the Minister of Finance, here we indicate to his keenness on all that could assist in developing the Chamber and the state’s economy, insomuch as, to bring about good and welfare and prosperity for the Sudanese people. We are confident that the Chamber is embarking on a phase of immense qualitative transformation soon, with Allah willing, which will enhance the economy and assist in accomplishing welfare of the Sudanese nation. By launching this website, the Chamber sets the bases for essential communication with the stakeholders, either through receiving their proposals that will, surely, contribute in upgrading the tax work and streamlining the tax procedures. The website allows interaction with the taxpayers, through uploading the tax business basic documents, as the laws and regulations. Soon, there will be tax returns filing, e-payment, appeals filing and replying the objections and all the aspects of tax business, as the website is the gate of the tax electronic system. The Chamber welcomes the researchers and students, and hoping that they will find fruitful information that could help them in accomplishing their significant mission. From this floor, I call for the all the visitors to provide their inputs, comments and brilliant ideas that could contribute in enhancing tax education and creating new methods for interaction.