Vision & Mission


A tax administration, which works efficiently and effectively to realize qualitative and quantitative performance that matches the modern tax systems, and observes the principles of total quality by providing outstanding services for the taxpayers on the basis of high professionalism, and considering the principles of justice and transparency, and having the respect and satisfaction of the society, through an integral tax systems for developing a compliant and conscious tax society, aiming at achieving the fiscal stability, and economic growth, by developing work systems and streamlining the procedures for the continuous improvement to satisfying the taxpayers, achieving the voluntary compliance, maximizing the revenues and the economic and social stability.


Towards an excellent and developing taxation performance that will achieve voluntary compliance by the tax society, and contributes in realizing the state’s and Chamber partners objectives effectively and justly.


• Establishing smart partnerships with the Sudanese Employers Union, and the professional unions.
• Strongly laying and spreading the culture of tax compliance
• Increasing the tax revenues to meet the government fiscal obligations, through broadening the tax base
• Improving the operation standard, and the electronic processing of the tax returns and data.
• Streamlining the procedures, and providing outstanding tax services through the one-stop shop, at the lowest possible cost, in terms of time and effort, through accelerating the process of computerization, and completion of the network linkage internally and with the related areas.
• Improving the service provided for the taxpayers, and streamlining the method of filing the self-assessment return.
• Limiting the conflicts between the Chamber and the taxpayers, through generalization of self-assessment system, and setting robust tax data-base
• A just tax administration that performs efficiently and effectively through raising capacity.
• Raising the standard of performance for matching the total quality criteria.
• Updating with the recent economic accelerating developments by closing the gaps in the tax laws.
• The continuous improvement of the tax systems for achieving the targeted standards.
• Achieving the job satisfaction for the employees by developing the human resources and modernizing the Chamber through the individuals, and providing the good work environment, and laying systems of incentives and social services to satisfy the employees ambition.