TIN Number

Tax Identification Number:

Is a unique code generated technically, it contains a group of numbers issued by Taxation Chamber to replace tax card, for every legal entity, whether corporate or otherwise, conducting a business or providing a service which is taxable or non-taxable. This code is similar to the National number, it is adopted worldwide.

The Advantages of the Tax Identification Number

TIN is an encoding object issued mechanically and serially; so no repetition can happen to these numbers. Its issue is centralized, in order to make control on the process of issuance.
Assists to close loopholes that lead to tax evasion, because of the wide capabilities, which provided by the TIN system to control and hinder cases of renting importation and exportation registers, thus owners may be implicated in such offences, so through coordination with Custom Police that taxpayer cannot complete his offended transactions, unless he discloses the real beneficiaries of registers.
Assists to field surveying, facilitate searching and easing flow of information, shortens different numbers that used before the TIN system implementation, and it also prevents duplication of information of registered taxpayers.
It helps to abreast with international information standards, supports State trends towards the e-government
Due to these advantages, the General Directorate of Information (The competent directorate) issued the TIN.
Competent Authorities of the government, States governments, Local governance, public Corporations, and Production units shall not conduct commercial transactions with any person subject to tax, without showing the TIN.
Private sector intuitions, companies, factories, whole sellers, shall not deal with taxable persons, without presenting the TIN.

Procedures of Obtaining TIN:

Individuals and Partnerships:

Filing the form designed for such purpose.
Presenting a letter issued by the office relative to taxpayer jurisdiction.
Attaching documents related to the activity- business name ,if any.
For business names:
Filing the form prepared for such purpose.
Presenting a business name document both – Arabic and English.
Taxpayer personally appears before Taxation Chamber, or whom he may authorize.

For business names owned by companies:

Fill the form designed for such purpose.
Open tax file.
Present incorporation certificate of the company.
Present a business name issued by General Commercial Registrar.
Present authenticated authorization issued by the company administration.

For Organizations:
Fill the form.
Present the organization registration certificate.
Submitting an authenticated authorization for receiving the TIN.